The past is objective, history is not.

Wall of Sound: ‘ Listen: 140 Years of Recorded Sound’ at the British Library, April 2018.

I started this blog as a way of combining my interests in music, history and travel; finding another way to look (or rather, listen) to our more familiar, well-trodden roads to the past.

With a background in music, I am used to scrutinizing sound particularly closely. After graduating, I worked in music production – it was my job to make things sound good – no small feat in an office without insulation, and in the middle of one of London’s most ear-splitting perma-building sites.

With the contrast between the ‘beautiful’ sounds I was trying to create, in violent competition with the utter chaos of outside, I became interested in the idea of soundscapes; how sounds come to define and shape places, and the communities that inhabit them. A sound – musical or otherwise – may have cultural reverberations that ring on long after it has stopped making noise.

Each post in A Sound History takes a different destination at a particular time and considers the sounds that defined it. Suggestions are always welcomed.

So, lend me your ears and enjoy the journey!