Black and white photo showing dancers doing the charleston
Charleston dance contest in front of St. Louis City Hall, 13 November 1925. Photograph, 1925. Missouri Historical Society Photographs and Prints Collection. Groups. N01603.

The past is objective, history is not.

For as long as humans have been making it, music has reflected, narrated and shaped the world around us.

If history is measured through change, then music has enacted some of its most momentous events; from rituals to revolutions, royalty to republics. A Sound History aims to share the stories behind their soundtracks.

How does it work?

Posts are divided into three groups:


  • Soundbites take all of the above and condenses them into short, c. 2-minute posts
  • We recommend the music, and leave you the time to get on with it
  • Music is for listening to, after all…

Sound Impressions

  • A lockdown travelogue of places I’d rather be. How does music and sound shape these places?
  • Plus, the inventions in sound that gave us the music we love

The Soundtrack Series

  • Songs from the silver screen and albums with a story

Want to Know More?

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